Howard Paul Photography




I’ve been photographing commercially for more than 30 years; first with the view camera, with which nuance is obvious and detail is paramount.

I’ve been influenced by the symmetry and bold saturation of Dutch artist Piet Mondrian and the masterful black and white composition and lighting of TV cinematographer Emmett Bergholz. I’m still influenced, and at times awed, by contemporary work seen in Communication Arts.

Some say that photographers should specialize narrowly. But when, in every waking moment, another image appears in your mind’s eye, combined with an insatiable interest in most everything, I am compelled to create — no matter the subject.

And if we’re not having fun on an assignment, we’re doing something wrong.


I photograph for business, industry, publishers and humanitarian organizations. Images for for books, advertising, magazines, trade shows, product and service collateral, web sites and all other manner of media.

As a 30+ year resident of Colorado, I know this region intimately. From

  • the 14,148’ high Meyer-Womble observatory to the underground operations of the 53-square mile Denver International Airport;
  • snow science at the Colorado Avalanche Information Center to 800–year old Anasazi villages of Hovenweep;
  • the 44 wind turbines of the Ponnequin Wind Farm (pictured on the home page) on the northeastern great plains, to the Yule Marble Quarry, deep in the West Elk Mountains, source of the marble for The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.


You may be surprised to learn I am one of the nation’s foremost specialists in emergency services images, with a stock library of more than 16,000 photographs.


My able assistant.

Over the years my appreciation for the people of humanitarian organizations has grown enormously (I’ve done volunteer work at national, state and local levels). I particularly enjoy partnering with such organizations – to leverage the good I can do in our world. As such, I am open to pro bono work for causes and missions I support.

Previous clients:

  • American College of Emergency Physicians
  • Association of Brewers
  • Backpacker Magazine
  • Deloitte & Touche
  • Discovery Magazine
  • Emergency Medical Services Magazine
  • GTE Communications
  • Houghton-Mifflin
  • Icom America
  • Industrial Fire Chief Magazine
  • Journal of Emergency Medical Services
  • MacMillian Publishing Co.
  • Mens Fitness
  • Mosby Lifeline
  • Motorbooks International
  • Mountain Rescue Association
  • National Geographic Society Books
  • Nations Business
  • Rescue Magazine
  • Rodale Press
  • Simon & Schuster
  • World Book Publishing